The Association “Das Universelle Leben Aller Kulturen weltweit e.V:”

How Many Members Does “Universelle Leben” Have?

The supporting association “Das Universelle Leben Aller Kulturen Weltweit e.V.” Germany has a few hundred members. The association was registered in Frankfurt on Oct. 30, 1985 (VR8550), for being acknowledged as a supporting association for social facilities, such as schools and kindergartens or social services, and to be able to rent rooms to hold events.

It is also active on an international level for the dissemination of spiritual knowledge. The association pursues exclusively non-profit purposes.

Universelles Leben worldwide

An unknown number of people worldwide feel connected to “Universellen Leben”. However, they are not consolidated in associations or other kinds of groups.

To support an Original Christian life, there are similar associations worldwide, adapted to the respective country situation, which fulfill the same purpose and are independent organs.

There are 32 associations in Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia.

The associations were founded as organs to enable them to carry out the activities of Universellen Lebens in the various countries, for example, to distribute written material and to carry out events.

“Universelle Leben” is not a religious organization with membership, ceremonies, dogmas and cults. In “Universellen Leben,” the goal is not to turn people into members of a community of faith. No one should be tied to an external institution, because the Free Spirit, the All-Intelligence, the primordially eternal Creator-Spirit, whom many call God, is freedom and stands above all religious structures and concepts of humankind.