Where Can You Inform Yourself on/About/Regarding the Message of the Free Spirit?

Followers of Jesus of Nazareth do not form external communities in the traditional sense, where spokespeople are at the head of the community and where members of the community turn into lemmings. The following of Jesus of Nazareth rests on the common bond of people who get along well, because they are a part of the Free Spirit. Jesus of Nazareth taught us people according to the following: “Where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

Again and again we are asked where such free communities are located. For those who seek an open and free community, we advise the following: If you know anyone of like mind, then you can simply and easily meet every now and then to pray together and for a spiritual exchange, in order to learn from one another and grow and mature spiritually.

The Gabriele Publishing House publishes the prophetic word of the present time given through Gabriele, the prophetess and emissary of God, in the form of books, writings, CDs and DVDs. All publications can be acquired from: www.gabriele-publishing-house.com.

You can listen to the teachings of the Free Spirit on the love for God and neighbor toward people, nature and animals, in conversation rounds, daily aphorisms, contemplations, readings, etc., via Internet 24/7: www.Radio-Universal-Life.org

Many independent radio and television stations broadcast the programs given via the prophetic word through Gabriele, as well as programs about Original Christianity. Inform yourself at Radio Santec for the frequencies on which you can receive these productions in your language and country: info@radio-santec.com

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